Tzm TV

It happened again at “Les Cerisiers”.

Another murder at the sanatory that houses the mad scientist of the play “Die Physiker” and the the Tzm TV reporter is live at the crime scene.

This short video was part of a sneak preview for the play “Les Cerisiers – Mord im Sanatorium” by the independent theater group Theater zum Mitnehmen and was screened as an intro for a live performance at the “Mondscheinbazar” in 2014. The background material was shot at the “Institut Français d’Autriche-Vienne” and then composed with green screen footage of the actress. The actress also appeared at the show in her role as a reporter to cover the whole story.


Actors: Daniela Zacherl, Caroline Wiltschek, Maria Ketscher, Elisa Stangl, Markus Reisenberger