Riedl Communications

Every 5 years the telecommunication enterprise Riedel communications gives a big party fo its employees. The parties not only feature food and music, but also artistic performances and art installations.

For the 25th anniversary the Berlin based agency Ortvision was commissioned to create a 7 screens video installation in a steam punk inspired theme. Zampano Film was happy to contribute to this project by creating panoramic views of a city and make them become alive by animation and videofootage of performance artists that interact with the digital environment.

The concept was to create an atmospheric backdrop to the location and let the screens act as a window to a different world, thus looping them throughout the whole event. The key was not to distract the guests by to much action happening on the screen but fill the world with enough details that let the viewer discover something new on every glance. You can watch a film of the event here.