You must drink Overman. This fake commercial was part of the adaptation of “Die Physiker” by Friedrich Dürrenmatt and performed by Theater zum Mitnehmen. The commercial functioned as an act break in the play and praises the non existing energy drink “Overman”.

The story is influenced by “Transformations of the three” of Friedrich Nietzesch’s famous work “Thus spoke Zarathustra” and features all three steps of the transformations, showing the camel running away from the civilization, the battle between the lion and the dragon and finally the kid becoming the overman.

The satirical character of this short film neatly matches with the adaptation of the play and questions the (mis)use of phylosophy and art in tv-commercials as well as Nietzesche’s ethical view of society.

Camera Thomas: Brandstetter (360° Film Production)
Camera Assistant: Nadine Taschler
Sound Design: Stefan Thenmayer
Actors: Georg Rauber, Martn Pain, Mirko Panic, Rita Sternat