E-Day 2014

The E-Day is an annual meeting of heads and key players of the Austrian economy scene. Around 2.500 visitors, 45.000 via livestream, 40 exhibitors and 90 speakers make the E-Day the biggest and most popular e-business event by the Wirtschaftskammer Österreich.

Zampano Film captured interviews of all the 45 speakers and the event organizers in only 2 days to create a video portfolio of the topics that were to be presented at the E-Day 2014. This video is only one of many that was created and features the “must see” recommandations of the organizers. It was important to us to create a personal and almost informal look of the interviews, so that the complex and sometimes hard to grasp content is more easily recievable and encourages the viewer to visit the respective lecture.

The project was commissioned by the Wirtschaftskammer Österreich.