Der tolle Mensch

God is dead. At least that is what Friedrich Nietzsche tries to make us understand in his short story “The Madman” and calls on us to become gods our very selves.

Not only inspired by Nietzsche but also by the unforgetable music video “Jesus he knows me” by Genesis features this fake commercial the speach of a tv preacher that praises the benefits of the new “Zarathustra X6”, a non exisiting car, which purchase lets his followers in front of the screen experience divinty at 120mph.

The film was part of the theatre play “Die Physiker” performed by Theater zum Mitnehmen and was screened during act 2 and 3. The play was rewritten as a sitcom thus letting this fake commercial fit perfectly into the whole style of the performance. Questioning not only the use of media by religious institutions but also the border between faith and business.

Camera: Peter Stelzhammer
Sound: Bernhard Staudinger
Actors: Maximillian Gruber-Fischnaller, Andreas Steiner, Caroline Wiltschek, Maria Ketscher, Kerstin McEwen, Dominik Zeilinger, Elisa Stangl, Julia Wildeis, Sabine Stoiber, Isabella Happenhofer, Thomas Garcia