The Call

The portrait of a generation torn between reason and passion: Inspired by ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, three friends are confronted with the question, how much relinquishment, independence and egoism can love bear and how important is faithfulness in a relationship.

A night in Berlin. Dorien wanders the crowded streets searching for his lost light-heartedness which he remembers from his childhood days. His girlfriend Sara is awaiting him at home. Dorien’s indecisiveness within his life and their relationship drives her to cheat on him with his best friend Harry.

Harry’s hedonistic lifestyle seems to be the key to Dorien’s lost dreams. Instead of returning home to Sara, he chooses to follow him into a night of excesses and jag. Soon he realizes the deceit and inconsequentiality of this world in between. Instead of salvation he only finds his own vulnerability. Sara’s self-destructive attempts to break away from him are bound to fail too. The next morning Dorien and Sara come together again, not wanting to know or ask about the others night before.

Art Unanchored Festival 2015, Vienna Austria
Sommer Shorts 1. Kölner Freiluft Kurzfilmfestival 2015, Cologne Germany
21st International Festival of Local Televisions, Košice Slovakia
Short of the Year (Winter) Online Audience Award Nominee
klappe great-M_Media Movie Award, Salzburg Austria